Welcome to Mediating Scale Conference 2022, a 3-day online event taking place 16th-18th June 2022.

All talks are free to attend but registration is required. Please click on the link below:

If you have not used Zoom Events before, please note there are a few clicks involved before you can access a specific talk:

• in the email you received from Zoom, you need to click on the ‘view ticket’ button. 

• that will take you to the Zoom web page for the event, where you click on the ‘join lobby’ button – – that will then open the main interface for the conference platform in the Zoom application. 

• you can access the platform at any point to see the conference schedule (in ‘explore sessions’) 

• in order to join a specific session, you need to click ‘join’, however please note that the ‘join’ button only appears when the session goes live. Unlike with standard zoom meetings, there is no waiting room, so once the ‘join’ button appears, click on it and you will be taken straight to the event. 

• all of the events are set up in a ‘webinar’ format, so your microphone and video will be automatically disabled, you don’t need to worry about disturbing the talk in any way when you join

If you have any questions or problems, please drop us an email at: mediatingscale@gmail.com.
If there are any last-minute changes or announcements, we will publish these on Twitter – see @oliverkenny24